Living the Rogue Life

Riding the Globe

Starting August 15, 2013, Me and my friend Ryan Freeman are going to embark on a 5 year journey around the world.  From the seats of 2 fully loaded touring bicycles, we are going to zig zag around the globe from our homes in Ningbo, China to our birthplaces in USA.  We are taking our time, living and working along the way.  For us, it is more about the people, culture, and experiences along the way rather than the speed of getting from A to B.  So join us.  Let us show you how challenging and rewarding a Rogue life can be!

What does it take to travel around the world?


Where are we going?  What stops along the way?  I can tell you one thing…. “straight” is not an option.  Our path takes us up and down thru every continent and over 100 countries.  Come on… take a look.

Learn About Us

Who are these guys? Who in their right mind would do such a thing?  What motivates a person to leave their life behind and travel for 5 years? Trust us… we are just 2 normal guys…. Ready to do something extraordinary.

Climbing Mount Everest

Its one thing to travel.  Its another to accomplish.  We plan to mix the two, traveling and along the way making our dreams come true.   One of our dreams…. To sit atop the worlds highest peak… Mount Everest.  Its not going to be easy, but great things rarely are.

major goals

Like Mount Everest, we are going to tackle our dreams along the way.  Sort of like emptying our bucket lists a little early.  Why wait to learn to fly a wingsuit?  Why would you wait until you can “afford it” to base jump into the cave of swallows?  We want to live in the now…

Life in China

Live in China?  Can Americans even do that?  Haha.. of course we can.. and for the last 3 years we have.  Life in China is an adventure in itself.  Learning culture, growing businesses, teach and establishing a life… but soon it will come to an end, and we will trade one adventure for a whole other.

Videos, Pictures and Projects

We have a unique opportunity to share our trip with you.  Matt is a Videographer/Photographer/Business man, Ryan is a Actor/Teacher/Model.  We are loading our bikes with the dour purpose of travel as well as sharing.  Sharing the good times, the hard times and all the drama in between.  

Definition of rogue

No… we do not mean “rogue” in the sense that you should cling tightly to your wallet as we pass.  We define a rogue as a person that goes against the grain, and that lives life according to a special set of rules.  Rules that lead to fulfilling experiences and adventures.

trip rules

Being a Rogue is great, but we all must have some rules.  Check out our short list of the guidelines that will keep our travel under the rogue umbrella

i want to help!

So you want to help us on our journey!  That is great and much appreciated.  From volunteers to sponsors to a spare couch on a cold day, we appreciate anything you can do to help us out, and we will do all we can to return the favor.[/service]